Welcome to 365Microscopes, a blog for lovers of microscopy!

The 365Microscopes blog has been setup by 365Astronomy with an aim of providing additional information and support for our customers and other interested parties who have common interest in mainly discovery and research of the microscopic world that surrounds us every day, but unfortunately with just an unaided eye we cannot see and appreciate its beauty, therefore as a real microscopy blog we will focus on reviews and comparisons of stereo microscopes, biological microscopes, digital microscopes and all sorts of accessories used for both visual observations and photography,  special promotions and news about latest arrivals and possibly even some stock information if we have something back in stock that was out of stock for a while and might be of special interest to many customers.

As for a second big section, eventually you will also find information about macro photography equipments and techniques as this is also a hobby of the shop owner…

Zoltan T., 365Astronomy

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Posted on March 8th, 2013.