(rules have been amended on 6 Oct 2013: deadline extended)

We have now this blog plus two more blogs about microscopes and telescopes as well:

We know there is not much information there yet, but the plan is to submit our own reviews, probably 2-4 per month or so, plus from 1 Oct until 31 Dec 2013 we will be giving away £10 and £20 vouchers for submitted reviews…

1. you might have purchased the reviewed product from elsewhere, but it must be alive on our website. Please note, no review for discontinued products will be accepted. Please check out our website or contact us if in doubt.
2. for a £10 voucher please submit approximately 300 words (little less than an A4 page) and for the £20 voucher appr 600 words.
3. please give your consent if you want us to show your name and/or location (you may use your forum nickname if you prefer)
4. depending on the product, you don’t have to but you are welcome to submit your own picture. No more than 3 images, max size 600×800 or 800×600, please.
5. the £10 voucher can be redeemed by purchasing for at least £50 and the £20 voucher by purchasing at least for £100

Please SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW by directly emailing us, but not through the forum. You may do it via our CONTACT US page as well if you don’t have pictures to submit (or you’ll do it in a separate step, after we replied…)

The reviews will/may appear on our Blogs, our Forum, our Wiki and possibly under the product descriptions, too. Under the product descriptions we might use an abridged version of your review.

(If we receive large number of reviews within a short period of time, we might change the rules or stop the whole promotion at all, but we’ll try to be flexible should that happen…)

Well, now good luck and we do really look forward to your reviews!

Zoltan, 365Astronomy


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Posted on March 8th, 2013.